My Tail Is Long

Click for larger image. Sorry, you won't see anymore of his elusive tail.

I have no idea where this one came from. I just drew the eyes in FreeHand one day, and started adding features. Eventually I had a head. Then I cloned the ears and made them into tail spikes. Water, sky, super-de-duper simple clouds, a reflection, and I called the image done.

Then I added some text in the same simple, unplanned style - I just typed some words, making each line shorter, mirroring the tail. The text suddenly made the sea monster seem neurotic, which fit in well with his wide, lidless eyes. The guy needs help.

Absolute symmetry, they say, does not occur in human faces - but my
sea monster possesses this attribute. Oh - except, I guess, for the higlights
in his eyes. Darn.

As I've mentioned in other posts, I sometimes feel guilty when working in such a simplistic style - but it's very freeing, and it isn't always any faster, either. I need to work on those feelings. Maybe I can find a support group.

I didn't do anything with this illustration for a couple years, and then I opened my Zazzle store and applied the graphic to a bunch of products. I've sold a few My Tail Is Long t-shirts in kids' sizes, but I think it works best on a mug - I like the way it wraps around the product. If you spin it fast enough, it gives the illusion that the creature is swimming past you (this works especially well if you've been drinking).

My Tail Is Long mug on Zazzle

I've started working on another monster in this style - maybe there's a future animation project or book in the future, filled with imaginary creatures, each with unique personality disorders. Could be fun - fun and therapeutic at the same time.

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