Cute Shopping Girl

I remember almost nothing about this illustration. Weird. I was hired by an agency I do a lot of work for, and I think I had to turn it around in two days. I never even knew who the client was (a local P.R. firm) until a year or so later. I don't even think there was time for a sketch - the illustration was to be used for a holiday promo, and it had to get done quickly. I went straight to vector, which is an odd way to work, but I was crunched.

Perhaps because of the time situation, and perhaps because the client wanted something on the simple side, I worked in shades and tints of one of my pet colors, a magenta-ish-purple. I kept the background super simple as well - some part of me always feels guilty for drawing a city skyline this way, but I got over it.

The girl's nose and cheeks are red from the cold... or so I made you think
with my rendering techniques. It's all an illusion!

Somehow, this flat vector style applied to my more cartoonish drafting (using the big head style) seemed to give the piece a Mitch O'Connell kind of feel. That wasn't something I was shooting for - in fact, I'm really just noticing it now. I love that guy's work. Maybe he and I can become best friends or something.

I turned in the illustration, the agency was happy, and eventually I learned the client was pleased as well. I never saw the final piece this was used on (I think it was a client "thank you for doing business with us this year" kind of postcard) and I moved on. No revisions, no significant feedback from agency or client other than "looks good!", no problems after I submitted the piece... I guess there's no real story here. Time to move on, people - I'll try to post a controversial one next.

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