Me Make Monster Animated Commercial and Theme Song

The first Me Make Monster commercial has launched, complete with a retro 80's-style theme song! Click below to check it out!

Or check it out at:

The theme song, 34 seconds long, was composed in GarageBand, using all MIDI instruments except for the voice, which I tripled to thicken it up. The song's feel was modeled after the early- to mid-80's Saturday morning commercials of my youth - very aggressive, filled with attitude, Eddie Van Halen-inspired guitar noodlings and heavy beats.

I kept the lyrics as streamlined as I could, conveying the customized monster-making functionality of the site, and the ability to get those monsters printed on producsts, in as few words as possible.

I developed the commercial all in Flash, and kept it free of gradients so there wouldn't be any nastiness when the piece went from Flash to Quicktime to Flash Video, or whatever other compressed format it'll be converted to.

The piece has been integrated into the site itself, and should set the tone for the site as being edgy, cool and fun - especially for the 8 to 12 year old boys I'm targeting. I hope they enjoy the sixteenth note guitar triplets. I'm sure they will.

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