Bond Opening Parody

Oh yeah - this project. Another one that I forgot about, for the most part, until I found it in my hard drive.

This animation was created for a large corporate client who does a lot of fun internal projects like this. I don't think I ever got the full story, but they had an executive who they wanted to mock (always a good thing) and there was some connection between "Agent 007" and "Agent 88.00" (some kind of nickname for the guy), so they wanted to James Bond-ize him, and asked me to help.

It wasn't a complex project, which was good because the turnaround time was either two or three days from when they called me - the animation was to be shown at a large departmental meeting. The client sent me a photo of the executive, and I was happy to see that his expression was nice and grim - it really fit the Bond mood, especially when I stuck his head on a tuxedoed body holding a gun in Photoshop.

I studied a few openings from different Bond films on YouTube. They were all similar, with some minor variations between them. I boiled it down to the basic elements, created them in Freehand, and animated them in Flash - adding a classic version of the song. I think the only change the client requested upon seeing the first version was that I add an actual bullet flying at the viewer. I don't know how well that registers, but it's in there for a few frames.

I finished just in time for the deadline, and the client was happy. I'm not sure how the executive who was the subject of this lampooning took it, but hopefully he had a good sense of humor about it. It's not like we made him into Austin Powers or anything. James Bond is always cool.

Click the "Play Movie" button above to view the animation.

Watch the first 30 seconds of the clip above for a comparison.

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