Blog Problems and a Bonus Music Video

This is my first newsy kind of post - and unfortunately, it's not a positive one - though it could be worse.

I had a problem with my server over the holiday weekend - the server that hosts most of the images for this blog. Unfortunately (man, I hate that word) most of the old files were deleted from the server.

However, it's not a huge deal - the main images on each post are embedded in Blogger - but if you go to play a song, watch a Flash movie, or view a larger version of an image, that probably won't work.

Don't fret - I have the files stored locally - it's just a matter of restoring them to their proper online locations, one by one, and testing - which I'm doing now, starting at the most recent posts.

So if you see anything weird, my apologies - it's only temporary.

In the meantime, you can check out this music video - that's me on drums. Long story, but I recently reconnected (via Facebook) with a guy named Al, who was the owner of the record label, Dromedary Records, a small label that put out music by my band cuppa joe in the early 90's. It was his 40th birthday this week, and so Doug (that's him with the guitar there) wrote this song about the number Forty, in honor of Al. The video was a surprise for him at the party. Enjoy - and please don't mind the inside jokes.

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