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I'll have to post a more complex logo design project soon, because some of the recent ones I've selected - like this one - were really simple.

A local videographer found me and asked me to develop a logo for his company. He had a very specific idea in mind: since his name is David, and his company is named after him, he wanted a representation of Michelangelo's statue of David, facing to the side, looking into a video camera. He also knew he wanted a subdued color, and he referenced one of my other logo designs in terms of the style - he wanted a simple, high-contrast representation of David and the camera.

And that's what he got. He gave me these images of camera for reference on the style he wanted to show in the logo:

And I used this image of the David statue for reference:

Before I did the final rendering of the image, I composed a rough layout for the client, so he could see the basic layout and approve that before I got into the more detailed work of rendering the image:

When he saw this, he was generally happy - he liked the formality of the layout and typeface - but he asked that the colors be reversed, and that the camera be placed on a tripod. I then worked out this version of the logo, in three color variations:

He liked the blue, but he had one minor request - he wanted the camera to be a little bigger - so it didn't look so much like a consumer-grade camcorder. Here's the final logo - it's a subtle change, maybe a 105% increase on the camera image:

And that was it... until we started working on the website. Once my client saw the above logo in the original website layout - positioned in the traditional upper-right location - it looked "off" somehow - he thought it might look more natural if David were look at the text, so we switched the locations and changed the layout a bit, removing the color boxes.

Here's the web version:

Video by David website - click to visit.

The original logo was still used on business cards, brochure, and other marketing materials.

The website was laid out in DreamWeaver, integrating a header and navigation bar I developed in Flash. My client provided the images and sample video files... which should probably be updated to Flash Video and integrated into the site, but at the time he preferred Windows Media Player files. Yeah... it might be time to check in with him for an update.

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