R-Rated Storyboards

Some wild storyboards. Click for an uncensored larger version.

I'm continuing the run of wacky, unusual projects from my past. An agency came to me and asked if I could develop some very short, simple storyboards. You know how high-profile American celebrities sometimes do those foreign commercials, thinking that it does no harm to their careers because no one will ever see them (before YouTube, that is)? Well, I did these storyboards for an American company, but for a short foreign commercial (animated? live action? I have no idea) that I was to have no involvement in beyond storyboarding. No problem.

I must have been pulling a Warhol on the client, showing them multiple
color variations of the same image.

The client specified that they wanted this flat, vector look for the storyboards. They also specified that the girl should lower the dictionary in one of the panels, revealing her unclothed upper half. Pretty weird - the company was a fairly high-profile online reference source. Who the heck knows why they wanted nudity, but the agency did tell me that the client thought it would go over well in Japan, which is where this commercial was scheduled to run. Who am I to argue?

Magenta girl. Pretty cute, eh? You want to date her, don't you? Be honest.

You can click this one for the full view, too. I won't judge.

I did it. I drew the naked lady and I was not ashamed - it was client-specified, after all. And as with many of these projects where I was an intermediary, shaping the final project but not delivering the actual piece, I never saw the end results. I wonder if they hired an actress, or made my vector lady animate? I will probably never know - and I'm okay with that.

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