Croc and Boy Sketch

A crocodile and a little boy. Will this become the Calvin and Hobbes
ripoff I always knew I had in me? I do not even know myself.

Just a little sketch today - a lite snack for a Friday morning.

Pencil sketch detail, slightly cleaned up in
Photoshop. This guy needs a name. Any suggestions?

I have no idea what this is about - I just did the sketch with no pre-planning ("pre-planning" seems redundant, doesn't it?) I really liked their proportions, though - maybe I'll ink them up and work them into a little strip. It could be my Calvin and Hobbes - or maybe something more like Copper, which I love a lot, too. And then I'll submit it to Universal Features Syndicate. Not really. I'd just post it here.


  1. Ha! I like the resemblance they have to one another. For some reason, the name "Charlie" came to mind when you asked what to call him. You might name him and the boy the same thing... That might help to explain their unlikely companionship. Of course, you wouldn't have to spell them the same way...

  2. The resemblance probably comes from the lack of planning - especially from the fact that I didn't bother to change their eyes from pretty much straight circles. But maybe that works.

    Charlie, huh? That might work too. I always liked the strips that never bothered to explain a human/non-human relationship - like a kid and a pig are at the dinner table, eating a meal with the family, and no one is bothered by the talking, eating pig. Somehow that's funnier than the gags to me.

    I inked the piece yesterday, but I'm not sure if I'm happy with it. I'll probably re-ink, scan and color, then post here when it's done.