Adam West-Style Batman Sketch

A little Batman sketch, absently done on the phone while I was talking to my wife. I do a lot of phone sketching, and sometimes they turn out pretty neat. It's always surprising - I'm barely conscious of what I'm drawing while I'm doing these sketches, but that probably only helps with the fluidity.

The full body version is a little awkward, though:

I actually finished the sketch post-phone call, and I was a bit too conscious of what I was doing at that point - kind of like a hypnotized person coming out of a trance ("Where -- where am I?"). His right arm (the one on the left0 is a little forced. Looking at the cropped version at the top now, it seems I should have had Batman bound in some way - it would have paid off the anguished, struggling look on his face, and his body position (especially the upper arms) would have worked better if they had something to struggle against.

The Adam West-era style was probably subconsciously influenced - a friend recently saw him at the Monster Mania convention (I went a couple years ago) in my town, Cherry Hill, and said he was very entertaining. I guess that stuck in my craw (or is it "gullet"?). Had someone mentioned seeing Christian Bale, this whole sketch may have taken a decidedly different turn.

After sketching and scanning, I cleaned up the pencil work a little - the slight tone is actually the tone of the paper (I deleted it outside the figure) and added a blue tint. If I ever add linework and true color, guess where I'll post the updated version? Right here, on my blog. That's the answer.

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