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XipWire is a startup that allows people who sign up for its service to send money transfers instantly just by texting over their cell phone or mobile device. Pretty neat, eh? Don't lie - you wish you invented it.

Five initial logo concepts were presented to the client:

initial concepts:

He preferred the typography from the first concept combined with the image portion from the third. Often this kind of mix-and-matching doesn't yield good results, but here it worked fine. In fact, the rounder typeface was probably a better fit than the contrasting non-rounded typeface used initially.

Note that in the initial version of the selected concept, there were no buttons or screens on the icons. This helped emphasize the hidden X in the center (you did catch that, didn't you?). However, some early test viewers felt that icons were not immediately identifiable as mobile devices - they couldn't identify them as anything for that matter. So we tried a modification, adding a screen and buttons to each icon:

This addition may have worked for a single icon, but multiplying it by four added a lot of visual complexity to the elements, and made them a bit too "airy", too (there's probably more negative space than positive space in each icon).

The bigger issue, though, was the way the added elements detracted from the hidden X - it was almost completely obscured, and much less likely to be noticed by a viewer. After a bit of thought and experimentation, the screens were removed - a very reasonable compromise, as the buttons seemed to be enough of a visual cue to indicate "mobile device", and the didn't detract from the hidden X.

Various color combinations were tried, but orangey-yellow and blue was the winner, with a slight shift in the blue to make it less purplish. The final logo (though the tagline may change):

I'm working on the website layout now. Leave a comment, and I'll text you some dollars when it's live (not really).

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