So Freaky

I did this illustration purely for me, sometime back around 1996 or so, and boy, it really reflected how I felt at the time. Yes, of course I was single, and not dating anyone. And I wasn't too happy about it, either.

I still have the original sketch, which I did on letter sized typing paper, then blew up to 11x17". I inked using my brush tip markers on another 11x17" piece of paper, photocopied the inked piece at Kinko's (I went to Kinko's a lot in the 90's - mostly after midnight) and colored the photocopy with my PrismaColor markers. That's how I rocked it in my pre-digital days.

Looking at it now, it's not a perfect piece - some of elements could have benefited from a slight tweak in placement, and the colors of those highlighted bricks are too intense. I never shoot for totally perfect perspective, but the mailbox here could have really been reworked. Still, though, it was a pretty pure piece, nice and loose with varied coloring and expressive linework - very typical of my style at the time.

I've used the illustration in self-promo pieces over the years, and it's got me a bit of illustration work. And now I use it on products like the t-shirt below, which I sometimes wear on the weekends to remind me of my single days. Don't tell my wife (oh yeah - she'll be reading this).

So Freaky on Zazzle

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