On The Page "Script This Podcast" Contest

Pilar Alessandra hosts an awesome screenwriting podcast called "On The Page", where she and her co-hosts, along with guests from the film industry, discuss the art, craft and business of screenwriting. It's a very casual and fun show, along with being informative and helpful to aspiring screenwriters like myself.

Early in 2009, Pilar offered her podcast listeners a chance to write a five minute fictionalized version of her show for a "Script This Podcast" contest. The results were all pretty crazy (and quite esoteric, if you don't listen to the show), with writers forcing Pilar and her cohorts to behave and interact with each other in bizarre, frightening ways.

I was lucky enough to have one of the winning entries ("winning entries" is probably too strong a term - it was a very low-key contest), which meant that Pilar and the crew acted out my script on the show, along with their guest for the episode - Kristen Lee Kelly, actress who was in the original production of Rent. Fancy stuff. Pilar was an incredibly good sport when performing these scripts, all of which made her seem like a drunkenly-ranting control-freak diva (which I'm sure is the furthest thing from reality - which is why it's funny).

Those of us who had our scripts read on the show also received copies of the On The Page DVD, which is a great way to experience one of Pilar's screenwriting classes without actually being there (though I'm sure the in-person experience is even better).

The audio also contains a short discussion of a screenplay of mine called Play Date that had caused some debate on a previous episode. This was the first time anyone other than myself has really performed something I've written, and I loved hearing the results. Enjoy.

listen to the "Off The Script" reading

download the script (.pdf)

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