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Natural Selections Stones is a company that sells... stones. No surprises here. The name is not a play on words or a metaphor. They're all about the rocks.

Since their ideal customers are architects, builders of high-end homes or the homeowners themselves, the logo needed to be elegant and classic. Five concepts were presented to the client, all in the same black/brown color scheme.

initial concepts:

The client liked the first option, but asked that the pattern of stone be less stylized and more based on a typical pattern for a wall of this type. I pulled in an architectural drawing and vectorized the pattern, then overlaid it onto the wall's 3D perspective. The result:

Though this version was a literal version of the pattern the client preferred in real life, it looked too rough when applied to the logo - and the shapes themselves were probably too complex for a logo, and wouldn't reproduce well, especially at a small size.

The client asked that the shapes be smoothed, and that the joints (the white areas) not run quite as long, especially on the smaller right wall. After a few more rounds of tweaks, we arrived at the final version:

The client liked this all-brown variation of the logo - even the text was kept dark brown. I did present a few alternate variations, with darker and lighter selections of the browns, as well as a few versions with only two browns (dark on the left wall stones, light on the right) but the client liked the variety, as it reflected what a real wall of this sort might look like.

We also increased the type size from the previous version to achieve a better text/image balance. Once this version was settled upon, it was applied to work vehicles:

And business cards:

And now I'm working on the website. And t-shirts. You gotta have t-shirts.

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