Fun With Costumes

I'm told I rarely went through a day between ages two and ten without wearing a costume at some point. From what I remember, this is totally true. My Mom often said that my neck had a permanent black ring around it from my Batman cape. I'm proud of that to this day.

I was angry for a long time after I saw the results of the Superman photo - I specifically told my Dad (a professional photographer) to crop the photo higher so you wouldn't see that I was standing on my bed - I thought the white wall could look convincingly like a bright sky. Not sure if I gave any thought to Raggedy Ann and Andy, the weird ceramic clown, and the Superman wall adhesive behind me. Photoshop didn't exist back then, but I probably thought they could be removed in the darkroom. Didn't happen.

I remember asking my Dad if this was "the" Bat Cave. The fact that we were inside of a zoo didn't clue me in, so he played along. I guess I never wondered why Bruce Wayne would have gone so out of his way to direct people to what should have been his secret lair. Maybe I thought it was a back entrance or something.

I also get a kick out of the pirate photo, because it's clear I didn't throw on the costume for the camera - I was in the middle of watching TV, and that just happened to be my garb for the day. Never mind that wearing an eye patch makes it difficult to catch your favorite crappy early 70's sitcom - that's what pirates wore, so that's what I wore. End of story. I don't know if they wore a little blue and yellow pin with their name ("Stevie", in my case) as part of their outfits, though. Most likely not.

Wearing costumes is fun.

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